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Dale and Lanna live just south of Chappell, Nebraska with their two children, Newt and Jo.  Here is where they raise and feed out the Horned Beef cattle.  Both Dale and Lanna were raised on ranches, dating back to their great-grandparents, so family involvement is an important part of their lifestyle.  We are a small operation, where service and quality are a priority.  Since the quality of the beef meat matters to us, we go that extra mile to provide you with a high quality product.   

The type of cattle we raise marble before they start developing back fat cover, which means a more tender, tastier meat that is very lean.   Our Horned Beef cattle are very dosile in nature and easy to handle, having less stress on the animals helps to produce a better meat product.  The cattle are slow grown and fed a special blend of feed, for approximately 100 days before market, with NO antibiotics or growth stimulants.  With today's technology it is important for us to be able to select animals for market at their optimum market point.  Dale is an ultrasound technician and with the use of the ultasound machine, he is able to judge what the meat "looks-like" before they are marketed.  Insuring you no less than a choice quality product, without harming the animal.